why choose Renault SELECTION?

Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co. offers two standards of Pre-Owned Renault vehicles, Renault SELECTION and Pre-Owned. The differences between the two standards are clearly explained through the links below.

Renault SELECTION cars

certified pre-owned with trust!

With Renault SELECTION, you get an assurance for the Renault product you buy. The cars go through a rigorous evaluation process so as to ensure that only the best cars come to you under the Renault SELECTION Program. The bodywork on a Renault SELECTION vehicle is left in its original condition as much as possible but may have some cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the operation of the vehicle.

all Renault SELECTION certified pre-owned with trust vehicles come with the following benefits:

  • 82 Point Mechanical Inspection by Trained Technicians
  • Independent Paintwork Inspection & Chassis Report
  • 12 Month/Unlimited Mileage Platinum Warranty – All Mechanical & All Electrical*
  • Upgradable to 24 Month/Unlimited Mileage Platinum Warranty for an additional premium
  •  Full Service before Delivery (if required)
  •  Professional Clean and Polish

* For vehicles without valid Manufacturer warranty

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Services, Warranty & Genuine Parts

82 point car check process

Any car which is sold under the Renault SELECTION Certified Car Program needs to go through a stringent quality check in order to ensure that only high quality products are offered to our esteemed customers.

The car is checked for any mechanical or technical failure, accidents, engine, body condition, wheels, air-conditioning, body repairs, paint etc. among other checks. The car needs to pass on every aspect to be qualified to be sold under the Renault SELECTION program.  A copy of the Inspection is available to the customer.


1 year / unlimited mileage platinum warranty coverage

Every car sold under the Renault SELECTION Program comes with a 1 year /Unlimited Mileage Platinum Warranty on all mechanical and electrical parts. There is an option to upgrade to a 2 year / Unlimited Mileage Platinum Warranty at a very reasonable cost.

The car’s details are updated with the dealer service workshop for warranty coverage and claims are dealt with automatically. The customer only needs to follow the correct service maintenance schedule.  For total peace of mind, service maintenance packages are also available.

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genuine parts

Only Renault Genuine Parts and Accessories can guarantee perfect operation and maintain the high value of your Renault Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. These parts conform to the highest quality standards to provide customers with safety, performance and reliability.

pre-owned cars

standards pre-owned cars

Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co. Pre-Owned Renault vehicles are offered for sale in their existing condition. The vehicles are priced individually according to the overall condition and mileage. All Pre-Owned vehicles are supplied with an independent condition report so the customer has a complete overview to make an informed purchase decision.

For most Pre-Owned Renault vehicles the customer can purchase a Bronze Warranty which covers the Engine, Gearbox and Axle for 12 or 24 months to provide additional security and peace of mind. Private customers buying a Pre-Owned Renault vehicle will also receive a complimentary clean and polish.

pre-owned Renault vehicles can be supplied with the following optional benefits:

  • Independent vehicle condition report covering Bodywork, Chassis and Mechanical condition
  • 12 Month/30,000 kms Bronze Warranty available on Cars and SUV’s up to 7 years old and 160,000 kms or less
  • 24 Month/60,000 kms Bronze Warranty available on Cars and SUV’s up to 5 years old and 120,000 kms or less
  • 12 Month/30,000 kms Bronze Warranty available on Light Commercial Vehicles up to 7 years old and 200,000 kms or less
    • All Bronze Warranties are subject to passing a complimentary 28 Point Mechanical Inspection and payment of the appropriate warranty premium
  • Professional Clean and Polish for Individual customers
  • Good deals for fleet sales (4 vehicles or above)
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